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Electric Vehicles (EVs) are coming.

Australia imports most of our liquid fuels which means we have about a three week supply on hand at any one time. Global fuel supply is at far greater risk of disruption than local energy systems, which is causing people to turn to EVs for the future.

Buoyed by government support, sales of EVs continues to rise to the point that by 2030, 30-50% of all vehicle sales are expected to be EVs.

Whether it's for home, work or retail, Smarter Energy Solutions can work with you to design and install the best EV charging solution for your needs.

EV Charging at Home

The ability to charge your EV at home is an obvious advantage of Electric Vehicle charging.

The average car spends 12 hours a day idle at your residence and can be charged from flat to full for as little as $15, which will provide you with 400km of range. This cost can be reduced further with the use of solar energy or off-peak rates.

A suitable charging option is a 7.2kW AC Max unit, which can provide 30-40km of range per hour of charge. A home charger is a game changer when it comes to convenience and cost.

EV Charging AC Max
EV Charging Wallbox

EV Charging at Work

Having the ability to charge your EV while at the workplace is another excellent example of taking advantage of your vehicle's idle time. Workplaces often have the power available to allow for higher powered chargers and making chargers available can be especially beneficial to employees who don't have off-street parking or if the company shares vehicles.

A suitable workplace unit is the 25kw Wallbox, which produces up to 150k of range per hour of charge.

EV Charging for Retail

Offering electric vehicle charging in the retail environment can not only attract consumers to your place of business, but also keep them there for longer while their EV is charging. The cost of providing this energy can be insignificant for larger commercial buildings or commercial chargers can provide another income stream with billable charging.

A suitable charging unit for this purpose is a 50kW City Charger, which can provide as much as 300km of range from a single hour charge.

EV Charging City Charger

Smarter Energy Solutions can not only help you choose the right charger for your needs, but we can also handle the installation required.

We'll make sure you select the charging solution that suits not only your home or workplace energy infrastructure, but your lifestyle and driving habits as well.

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